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Thank you to all our exhibitors for your support of our 2022-23 program.

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Virtual Exhibit Hall


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Visit our virtual book display of Teachers College Press titles selected for the NEATE community, plus a special conference discount <>.

Teachers College Press publishes works at the cutting edge of theory, research, and practice in education -- in areas such as multicultural education, literacy, social justice education, educational policy, equity pedagogy, professional development, urban education, counseling, special education, and curriculum.

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Announcing the Huntington Theatre Company’s

Education Department 22/23 Season Programming!

POETRY OUT LOUD MASSACHUSETTS: This recitation contest that celebrates the power of the spoken word and a mastery of public speaking while cultivating self-confidence and an appreciation of students’ literary heritage as they take poetry from the page to the stage. For more information and registration please email


*All productions begin at 10 am

Sing Street on 9/29/22

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone on 10/27/22 & 11/4/22

K-I-S-S-I-N-G on 3/17/23 & 3/23/23

Clyde’s on 4/6/23 & 4/14

Joy and Pandemic on 5/11/23




We are Creative Communication. For over 25 years we have proudly provided poetry contests for students in grades K-9 across the nation. Teachers and students can mail in entries or use our online program that is highly accessible. Our judges read each entry and select roughly the top 45% of the entries received to be published in a hardbound anthology. This publication brings together the best student authors in the United States. There is no cost involved to enter the contest and no fee to be published. Learn more about our contests at

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