Keynote | October 24th

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Mahogany L. Browne

"Designing Antiracist Literature Units for 

A Raisin in the Sun with Racial Literacy Objectives"

w/ Sophia Sarigianides

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Participants learned how to design antiracist literature instruction grounded in racial literacy concepts. Using Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun," participants practiced identifying ways to address racism in a central scene using key race concepts tied to colorblindness (e.g., meritocracy and naturalization). Participants gained experience using "backwards design" (Wiggins & McTighe) to shape race-based learning objectives and formative and summative assessments that are integrally tied to literary objectives that utilize key race concepts to offer deeper literary analysis.

"Teaching Students to Enter the Discourse"

w/ Marie Levey Pabst

9:00 AM

Empowering our students to share their authentic voices means teaching them to actively engage in civic, academic and social discourse. In this workshop, you learn a simple and powerful structure that can shape any text-based, topic-based, or research-based unit to push students to creatively contribute to the social, civic and academic discourses.

"Moving to Color Brave: Adjusting Our Lens to Talk about the R-Wordrse"

w/ Cathy Sosnowski

10:30 AM

Often in our quest to be seen as not racist, we lay claim to being colorblind without understanding how that refusal to talk about the R-word, race, is itself a problem. In this workshop we will mine the lenses we view the world through, assess their impact on that view, and grow our ability to change the lenses we use.

Elizabeth Carroll | Facing History and Ourselves

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