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NEATE 2019. Created by Stephanie Gerber Wilson, PhD

  • Alex Scarelli

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 NEATE Writing Contest for Students!

High School

Poetry: Ellis McGinley, grade 11 of Arts at the Capitol Theater, CT, for “On Steam & Small Potatoes.”

Sponsoring teacher: Stacy Vocasek

Comments from the selection committee: “The format of this poem is what first caught our attention as well as the effective juxtapositions. The echoing images of blood and bloodlines, farming and planting, sweat and steam are powerful and build to a strong theme.”

Fiction: Megan Meyerson, grade 11 of Greenwich Academy, CT for “The PB + J Showdown.”

Sponsoring teacher: Jeff Schwartz

Comments from the selection committee: “We thought the piece was genuinely funny, and a really original idea. The writing was tight and the dialogue was realistic and smooth. The humor was subtle but made us laugh out loud.”

Nonfiction: Hannah Vogel, grade 9 of St. Johnsbury Academy, VT for “I Challenge You, America.”

Sponsoring teacher: Steven Jolliffe

Comments from the selection committee: “This essay speaks with a powerful voice, one that rings with passion and conviction.  In crafting her message Hannah chooses diction and examples that evoke an effective call for action, and she employs parallel structure with stark simplicity that creates balance and beauty in her sentences.”

Middle School

Poetry: Geanna Patten, grade 8 of Wilson Middle School, MA for “Silence Broken.”

Sponsoring teacher: Sarah Doyle

Comments from the selection committee: “This poem reads like a spoken word poem, calling to be performed. The repetition of ‘Black’ at the beginning and end is purposeful, and the short phrasing is exclamatory and pertinent. The poem’s tone is set early and builds, and it has excellent meter and purposeful rhyme scheme.”

Fiction: Sarah Anderson, grade 6 of Remington Middle School, MA for “Shadow Through the Fog.”

Sponsoring teacher: Janet Chitty

Comments from the selection committee: “This mysterious piece is full of imagery and dialogue that drives the plot forward. We enjoyed following the protagonist through the decision of following a skipping stone that "mysteriously" returns across the lake.”

Nonfiction: Kathy McEwan, grade 8 of Oyster River Middle School, NH for “Dangers on a Train.”

Sponsoring teacher: Linda Rief

Comments from the selection committee: “We loved the vivid imagery in this piece; the descriptive details paint the picture. It is an important reminder of how small events can stay with us for a long time.”

You can read these wonderful pieces in the Summer 2019 edition of NEATE’s journal, The Leaflet.

With nearly 300 submissions this year, the contest was extremely competitive. All students and their teachers should be very proud. Thank you to everyone who submitted and who sponsored a student writer!